Reimburse Private Fuel By 6 July To Avoid Fuel Benefit

Another consequence of the lockdown periods is that employees may have driven fewer private miles in their company cars, particularly where they have not been driving to the office. If they are to avoid being taxed on the provision of private fuel they need to fully...

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Car Benefit Reduced Where Unavailable

P11d forms reporting benefits in kind provided to employees and directors need to be submitted to HMRC by 6 July. Where a company car is “unavailable” for private use for 30 or more consecutive days the benefit is proportionately reduced. During the various lockdown...

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Beware Mini-Umbrella Company Fraud

HMRC are urging businesses to look out for the use of mini-umbrella companies (MUCs) to pay contractors supplying their labour via agencies and other intermediaries. Businesses need to be aware of the financial and reputational risks of such entities in their labour...

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