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Payroll Services in Aldershot

Is your business looking for payroll services? Is your business based in the Aldershot, Hampshire area? BGA Accountants are an accountancy practice that helps small business owners. We like to help and see the local community grow and we are happy to assist your business with payroll services or any other of the services that we provide. Please get in contact with our friendly Aldershot team today to discuss our payroll services, you can call us on 01252783869.

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Put simply payroll services is taken on by an outside company that specialises in all aspects of payroll services. Did you know that the first-ever payroll service in the USA was founded in 1949? Furthermore it relied on primitive technology such as electro-mechanical calculators and other apparatus! Thankfully times have changed and BGA Accountants are payroll experts, no matter when your employees want to get paid we can handle it. Be it weekly, monthly or even if payments are variable or fixed. Our Aldershot team can handle big tasks such as sorting out maternity pay, paternity pay, RTI compliance and Holiday. We take our payroll services very seriously and handle every client with care, our Aldershot team will take care of your team’s payroll. This will free up your own time as a business and cause less headaches.

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We know that being a business owner can be stressful and handling everything rather than handing off responsibilities with a partner or spouse isn’t an option. Our core service incorporates all of the day to day processing, compliance with RTI, calculating your NI deductions, PAYE and filing your end of year statements. We love being able to provide cost-effective, professional and punctual services to businesses in the Aldershot area. We aim to go above and beyond to provide quality payroll services in the Aldershot area. Not to mention that we like to give back to the community, 1% of our monthly turnover goes towards several charity projects.

Backroom Team

BGA are very lucky to have an experienced team dealing with accounts preparation, tax returns, book-keeping and payroll.

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So to sum it all up, why not choose BGA Accounts for your payroll services in the Aldershot area? We take great pride in our services and are keen to hear from you. To contact us about our payroll services then call one of our friendly Aldershot team today on 01252783869. You can also fill in a contact form to enquire about our payroll services or any other of the services that we provide.

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